Habits Of Happy Females

Being happy is a very subjective emotion. Each person on Earth has different things that make them happy and causes them to smile. But even though happiness is a very personal thing, the truth is that it’s important to be happy for your health and well being. Your physical and mental state benefits from you…

It’s My Birthday- Twerk It!

Well hello there! It’s actually a special Hello, since it’s my birthday. I decided to write a list of things I’ve learned thus far in my 32 years of life.

Why I Stopped Saying I Could Be Both “Mom And Dad”

Yes, I admit – I tried very hard to be both a mom and a dad to my child. And, I’ve heard it from other single parents, who all admit that they often refer to themselves as both “mom and dad.” But the hard truth is that we will never be both. We can brag

Every Woman Has a Voice

The business world has always been a man’s world. However, this is not true anymore. The reality is that more and more woman are joining the business community. Even so, there are still too many obstacles that prevent women from getting to their deserved positions just because of their genre. The reality is that this…