The Common Signs of Suicide, Social Pressure and Bulling!!


It can be very easy to miss the signs of suicide and bullying nowadays. That’s because most of the bullying and pressure is rarely seen offline. In the online world is where most of the action happens and that can be incredibly problematic. At this point the only good thing that you can do is to take good care of your child and see any warning signs that might arise.

What are some of the major warning signs?

Those can be very hard to figure out, especially at first. But the main thing you want to check is the school results. If your child had great grades but now things are worse, then that should be a major warning sign something is wrong.
Agitation, distress, restlessness and signs of panic are always very challenging and problematic for the most part. So the best thing that you can do is to really push the boundaries and see what causes such a problem. Giving away prized possessions is extremely strange and a clear sign something is happening and you need to tackle it as fast as possible.

Sometimes your child might have withdrawal from family and friends.

Having that for a couple of days is normal, but if it continues all the time it might be a sign to worry about. Some of the other things include drastic personality changes, talking or writing about committing suicide, sexual promiscuity, vandalism, etc.
There are also times when a child will have a rebellious behavior, but if that’s combined with one or more of the things listed above it might be a sign of trouble for the most part. And there might even be some changes in sleeping or eating.
What can you do?


Those warning signs appear when your child thinks about suicide or when he is bullied.

You need to pay attention to all these things and make sure you handle them the right way. Ideally you want to open up and communicate a whole lot better. You also want to remove any lethal weapons or items that might be used in a possible suicide.
Trying to make your child’s life better with happy and fun activities does pay off very well too. You have to figure out what causes these issues and how you can handle them correctly. Because once you do that, the payoff will be great and you will have no problem managing everything in a way that works super well.

As you can see, social pressure and bullying can lead to suicide or health problems. You have to talk with your child and let him know you are there for him no matter what. It’s a very important aspect to think about and the payoff alone can be second to none regardless of the situation. It’s one of those things that really push the boundaries and you have to understand that. Take your time, have patience and communicate. These things will make it easier for you to make your child open up and talk about all the problems he has. And from there to solving them it will be a whole lot simpler!


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