Why Your Children Are Worse Around You, Mama!


Have you ever wondered why your child is bad around you, but the moment they’re with someone else, they act on their best behavior?

Of course, you have!

Every mother experiences the worst behavior from their children and that’s because moms are their children’s safe place.

Let that settle in for a moment because it’s actually really powerful.

Yes, it sucks to be the emotional punching bag of your kids, but they only act worse around you because you are their safe place.

You are that one place your children can come to with all of their problems.

They know how much they’re loved by you and know that no matter what you’ll continue to love them despite their behavior.

If you can’t make them feel better or help them fix their problems, then, really, who can?

It does suck to be the garbage disposal of anger, sadness, and every other unpleasant feeling or emotion your children might experience. But when you think about it, you should feel honored that they think this of you.

No one else in the world can compare to your love and your children know this.

Many moms find that back to school time to be the hardest.

Kids everywhere have to go back to sitting and following rules after an entire summer of having a more lenient or less rigid schedule.

So now that they have to get back into the routine of school and all that it entails, they’re exhausted and just want to let loose when they get home.

Because children have been holding it all together at school, they often come home cranky, moody and just overall unpleasant. And of course, it’s intensified when mom is around.
So how do you handle this?

Keep your cool, mama, and simply remember that you are their safe place. Don’t get offended by their behavior because they don’t know they’re doing anything wrong. They’re just unleashing the day on you because you’re their safe place and the one person in the world they know will be able to love them through anything.

It’s going to be hard and you’re going to want to lose it.

But before exploding and dishing out punishments and timeouts, take a deep breath and realize that they love you and feel safe around you.

They save their emotions for you and only you. Take it as a compliment no matter how hard it is.

Knowing this will help you during the most difficult episodes and as the school year goes on, you’ll find that it’ll happen less and less!

As always, leave a comment down below if you relate to this post or have tips on how to continue to help us grow into better moms and women! Oh, and please give this a share if you enjoyed this post.

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