The business world has always been a man’s world. However, this is not true anymore. The reality is that more and more woman are joining the business community. Even so, there are still too many obstacles that prevent women from getting to their deserved positions just because of their genre.

The reality is that this just needs to stop. It’s not right. Women can work as hard as men and be successful entrepreneurs. So, here are 4 things we can all do to make women stronger:

#1: Stand Up For Women

We, as women, tend to suffer from the exact same discriminations in the business world. It doesn’t matter if you live in the United States, in France or in Brazil. From seeing a man being promoted while you were the one who deserved it, maintaining you doing some low-level tasks are just some examples. So, stand-up. Share your opinion and justify why you think this isn’t the right thing to do. However, you should never let this affect your self-esteem or pride in what you do. Above all, you are a professional and you need to continue to act as one. Sooner or later, someone will notice your work, someone will appreciate what you have been doing. And then, you will get everything that you have been working for.


#2: Tell Your Story

In case you are already holding a high-level position, then use your position and tell your story. You worked extremely hard to get there and sharing your story can be truly inspiring for many women who want to follow your steps. Even though you are successful now, you also had your ups and downs. And you managed to stay on the ups and climbed through the downs. As more women get to know your story, they will see that you are a human being, just like them. They will be able to identify themselves with you and with your life. And this can help them to be more perseverant.

#3: Share Opportunities

When you have an executive role or are in a leadership, you should look for women who can benefit from an opportunity. However, you don’t actually need to be in these kinds of positions to share opportunities. In case you see a good opportunity for your female colleague, just share it with her.

#4: Encourage Other Women

The truth is that we are able to see other women’s situations better than our own. While the lack of confidence in our own skills, the fear of taking an opportunity, the fear of ask for more training affects us all, it’s easier to see all these on other women. So, if you know a woman in this position, make sure that you encourage her to move, to look for new opportunities, to ask for training. You know how she feels so you are one of the best persons who can help her. All you need to do is to give her the final push she needs.

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  1. I hope these messages are spread far and wide! I totally agree 🙂 great read

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    1. Yes, I absolutely agree. ❤

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