If moms are not “Superheroes” than who are we? Why are we talked about? What’s even so special about being a mom?

From a very young age, girls tend to imagine how their husband will be, and what their wedding day will be like.

It isn’t until our dreams turn into a reality and start lacking the excitement they once had that we realize there are other parts to us more than motherhood.

Even though we love our babies to the moon and back, the reality is, motherhood is one of the hardest challenges of life. The fact that we can hardly get any time for ourselves becomes depressing, and the excitement starts wearing off as the years go on.

When a mother starts noticing that she’s lagging behind in the race of social media for the title of “Superhero Mom” it creates a serious loss of confidence.

I mean, talk about an intimidating title to live up to. Using the term “Superhero” just makes us feel guilty and adds a ridiculous amount of pressure on us.

Sadly, we often tend to forget that we are much more than just moms. We sacrifice our own needs to take care of our kids, work, husband, and household.

Yet, there are many reasons we still feel we are failing to meet the expectations:

• Watching friends on Facebook enjoying an exotic vacation.
• Loss of balance because of the excess of work.
• No time for husband.
• Relationship problems.
• No me-time!
• The feeling of being unproductive (by comparing oneself to others).

Mothers, next time you are feeling the pressure of being called a “Superhero” remember these key points:

A mother doesn’t “do it all” without having human needs. For a mother to accomplish all that is needed, she has to be human and put herself first in order to care for others.

– Remember that you are more than just your role as a mom. Being a woman is not a one-dimensional job and being called a “Superhero” does not encourage self-care.

– Know that you’re not alone, and you’re not a failure. All of us have our own unique set of struggles depending on our circumstances.

– Perhaps it’s shame or denial. Maybe you’re wired to think that what you’re feeling is normal. It could be that it’s guilt from telling yourself it’s selfish to take time for yourself when you have kids who really need you to be there all the time and to be strong.

– It may be difficult, but remember that creating time for yourself, even on a busy day, no matter how messy your house is or how dirty the kitchen is, it will be totally worth it. So refresh your mind, and believe you are more than a “Superhero Mom”.

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  1. brandi1130 says:

    This has helped me a lot. I have 1 daughter and she is 13. I am having a hard time being the “tough” parent when I need to be. I am a single mother so I play both mother and father. Any advice?

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    1. Hi Brandi1130 for leaving a comment. I am grateful that the blog brings you value. Your question is a very important one that many single moms ask themselves. I would love to respond to it in a blog post.

      Liked by 1 person

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