Keep your Sanity as a Mom

image_search_1552776435407.jpgWe all have those days when we come home from a long day at work, wanting to finally take a break and relax- but instead, we are greeted and challenged at home with more work. After dealing with long work hours, we come back to hungry kids, their homework, engaging with a family member on the phone, and conversing with friends to help them out with their concerns. It is an endless series of work and tasks, which simply leaves us feeling emotionally exhausted and worn out.

For me, today was that day. And I know I am not alone when I say that it is on days like these I believe many of us working mothers indulge in a debate and discussion with ourselves.

I mean, there is so much to be grateful for – isn’t there?

On one hand, we want to be that mother, wife, and sister that goes above and beyond for her kids and family. But, on the other hand, we simply just want a break. We have exhausted our energy to its fullest, we feel tired and even, at times, emotionally drained. It is on days like these that it’s important to take a step back and re-evaluate. How do we avoid getting burnt out as a mom and regain our sanity?

Here are a 7 tips on how I’ve learned to keep my sanity as a busy mom. Meditating
If there is something I have been practicing over the past few years, it’s to become better at sitting down in a quiet place to meditate. It helps calm me down. It also helps me to remember what is important to me.
Getting enough sleep
We human beings tend to get irritated and noisy when we are irritated, and it often leads us to making irrational choices. I have often contemplated dealing with poor eating choices and venting out to my teenager all because of this inadvertent lack of sleep. Prioritizing sleep, or taking a nap when feeling a bit irritated often helps me to recover from a stressful day.

Stay active
I recently went back to running and working out. To be honest, I don’t know how I was able to put up with putting it aside for so long. It definitely helps with energy, sleeping better, and stress relief. When feeling overwhelmed, look into adding more workout routines throughout the week.

There is something surreal about connecting with my creator, remembering why I am on this journey of motherhood, and remembering that we are not alone in this, just brings me peace of mind. It also helps me to remember to be more grateful for what we have.Go for a hike
Connecting with nature and going for a good hike is definitely a go-to on my list; it helps change the routine.

Me Time

If momma ain’t happy nobody is. This saying is truer than we think. If we don’t take care of ourselves and designate time for the things we enjoy, it often leads to tired and angry moms, affecting everyone in the home. Therefore moms, don’t feel bad for wanting time for yourself.Even though I am sure your family loves you, and cares about your well-being, no one will take care of you as much as you need to. Getting a massage, having a pedicure, or simply sitting down to drink your favorite drink and enjoying a good book can make all the difference.
Prioritize and delegate

Many of the times I’ve noticed I’m feeling overwhelmed it’s been because I have not prioritized my time to what matters. I’ve taken on too many tasks, and I have not involved my teen to help with the chores. Make sure you delegate responsibilities. Remember that you are not alone, and feeling like you sometimes need a break from motherhood doesn’t make you a bad mom.

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  1. simplywendi says:

    very good suggestions and reminders. 🙂


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