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Teens and Anxiety


Our fears that accompany us are the root cause of anxiety. Teenage is the most sensitive part of life. This age is responsible for the transition of an immature child to the responsible adult. Teenage need a lot of attention and care because of their intense emotions are changing every time. Teenage is the transferal age that faces a variety of changes every day. There is a high chance of anxiety in teens because their anticipation surrounds them with a lot of fears. Physiologists say that teenage is full of emotional changes along with bodily changes, so they face a huge amount of emotional variation that causes anxiety in them. There are many ways in which anxiety can be cured.

Types of anxiety:

Generalized anxiety

It is the most general form of anxiety caused by any kind of fear. Teens that face this type of anxiety disorder are likely to be tense by their poor performance, failure, a thunderstorm or any other thought. They have apprehension about the upcoming things like events and meeting new people.

Society anxiety

This is the most intensive form of anxiety that leads to the fear of being socialized. People facing this type of anxiety disorder have a fear of talking in front of others. Their fear won’t let them talk at all in many situations.

Separation anxiety

This anxiety disorder in teens makes them afraid of losing their parent or loved ones. They feel depression on separating them from parents. They have a fear of being alone. Mostly they have nightmares in which they have a fear of losing their loved ones.

Obsessive-compulsive anxiety (OCD)

Teens who have the disorder of having bad thoughts that make them feel anticipated about the bad happening, this cause intense anxiety in them that is often followed by compulsion reactions. Compulsive reactions are just to release their anxiety.

Panic attacks

Anxiety has another form that is named as panic attacks. These panic attacks have physical symptoms like shortness of breath, increase heartbeat, dizziness or tingling effect in the body.


Phobias are the extreme form of fear. Teens have a high rate of phobias. Phobias are classified in further many types. Most common are of height, water, high buildings, and small places. These fears relate to animals also.


Symptoms of anxiety in teenagers:




Shortness of breath.


Muscle tension.

Nervousness or sweating.

Increase in heartbeat.

Steps to cure anxiety in teens:

Parents counseling.

Mental health professionals.

Exercise on a regular basis.

Good nutrients.

Healthy sleep.

These few steps can be curable in dealing with any sort of anxiety disorder in teens. Teenage is a bit impulsive to handle but a little investment of time and care can remove their fears for life. Give them time to maintain their confidence and help them face their fears so they can have less anxiety. Good mental health is the most essential part of success.

2 thoughts on “Teens and Anxiety”

  1. You touched based with all the different forms of anxiety. I now have a much clearer understanding of what teens really do face on the daily.


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