The most precious jewels you’ll ever have around your neck are the arms of your children.



The Kick Ass Single Mom- Emma Johnson

This is a book full of financial, dating and parenting advice. I first found out about Emma Johnson through her awesome blog “Wealthy Single Mom” I have to say she was one of my inspiration to start my own blog. Single moms this is a must read for you!




Strong Mothers Strong Sons – Meg Meeker, MD

As a single mother of a 15 year son. I have to say it has been challenging at times. This book provided me with valuable tools on how to raise a boy into a man. Great book for moms, single or married.




Breathe Mama Breathe – Shonda Moralis

Awesome book, specially for new moms. A book that it’s primary focus is on the health and wellness of moms. An easy to read book with practical ideas to incorporate meditation and mindfulness.



Mom Up – Kara Kae James

“Thriving with Grace in the Chaos of Motherhood”. This book not only inspires you but also encourages self reflection and digging deeper to become a better mom and woman.




5 love Languages of Children – Gary Chapmen & Ross Campbell 

A couple of years ago I read “The 5 Love Languages” for adults and was very pleased with it. Now that I have read “The 5 Love Languages of Children” I absolutely love it.  It gave me the ability to understand how my son needs to be loved. And what makes him feel cared for.



Girl Wash your Face- Rache Hollis

In this book the author shares her journey on becoming a wife, a mother, and a business owner. you’ll find practical ideas based on her own experience. A great read for the working mom who wants to learn to balance all aspects of her life. 




You are a bad ass-Jen Sincero

This books is motivating and inspiring. A book to help you reconnect with yourself and bring greatness into your life. This book also offers great skills and techniques to apply to your life.




Sh*tty Mom- Lautie Kilmartin, Karen Moline, Alicia Ybarbo & Mary Ann Zoellner

A book full of necessary humor. Perfect for the days you’re not feeling like the best mom in the world.



Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood – Melissa B. Kruger

An easy to understand bible study. The portions of scriptures are thoughtfully chosen. For those looking for a good study group book, you’ll enjoy this one. 




The Magic Years – Selma H. Fraiberg

This book helps you understand the developing mind and personality of your child. Great imformation about kids emotional and intellectual needs as they develop through the years from toddlerhood through grade school.

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