Saving Money Tips




Create a Budget

Creating a budget helps you take control of your money. Track how much money you have coming in. Keep track of your expenses, and know where your money is spend. 

For a list of budget categories check out Simple and Effective Single Mom Budget


Cook at Home

A great portion of our income goes to buying food. You can easily save money  by preparing your meals at home. Plan ahead and make a list of items you need before heading out to the store.

-Plan your meals around the items that are on sale for the week. You can find this information by logging in to the store’s website and looking at the weekly ads.  



Save on your grocery bill by saving your coupons. You can download coupon apps such as ibotta, checkout51 and many others. You can also find coupons in the Sundays Newspaper, and by visiting the manufacturers website for printable coupons.

-Many manufacturers will send you free coupons just by writting them an email. 


Cancel Membership

We all have memberships we signed up for and no longer use. It might seem only a few bucks spend per month, but those expenses add up quickly.

– Cancel unsed gym memberships, and magazine subscriptions.

-If possible switch to Netflix or Hulu as an alternative streaming service.


Stay Healthy

I know it seems silly to think you can control when you’ll get sick. But living a healthy lifestyle will save you money in the long run. Start by exercising regularly and keeping a balanced diet. Keep your home clean an disinfect frequently.



Buy Used items

Before purchasing an item, visit Goodwill or check out Craigslist and Ebay for affordable second hand items. 



Instead of going out to watch a movie  and spending $50.00 (plus snacks). Find creative ideas such as playing a board game. Check your city event calendar to find free or inexpensive events in your area.

Invite friends over instead of going out. Get creative and plan a “no spending” date with your partner. 

Get The Kids Involved

Teach the kids how to save money. Start with a piggy bank or a saving jar. Get them involved in helping you create the grocery list and clipping coupons.

-Helps you save money and spend quality time with them.


Stop Collecting and Start Selling

We all have things we don’t use. Start decluttering and get rid of things you don’t use by selling them online. Another great way to get the kids involved by having a yard sale and teaching them how to make money.

Buy Quality items

Contrary to previous tip “buy used”, there are certain items such appliances and electronics that you  want to  invest in buying new. It avoids having to replace them constantly.

Increase Your Income

Increasing your income will help speed up your savings. You can learn a new skill and sell your services. Get crafty and sell handmade items. Or start a blog to make additional income.😉

-Something to definitely keep in mind is that learning to manage your finances is as (or more) important than increasing your income. If you don’t learn to live below your means, you will find yourself spending more than you make.




How to stay motivated while saving money? 

  1. Set clear financial goals and be realistic. – Don’t plan to save 10k when you have not learned to save 1k.
  2. Set an amount and date when you want to achieve your goal.
  3.  Choose a strong “why”. Decide why you want to save money. What will you use that money for. And  how it will make you feel to save it.
  4. Write it down and post it somewhere where you can review it frequently to keep you motivated. 









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